Security K-9 Services

Security K-9 Services

We offer, through our business partners, K-9 dogs for all aspects of screening duties for aviation and non-aviation industry. K-9 services can be utilized for a variety of situations including detecting drugs, explosives, and weapons, special event patrols, as well as for tracking and apprehending suspects.

Our K-9 teams only use professional handlers and specifically trained German shepherds. Combined with our expert security officers and professionals, these dogs are a highly effective deterrent against crime.

Our K-9 Services can be used to:

  • Guard commercial and residential properties
  • Screen event attendees for weapons, drugs, and explosives
  • Serve as a visual deterrent at special events
  • Detect narcotics and other illicit drugs in school or work lockers
  • Accompany security guards on patrol
  • Locate suspects that are hiding

As with all of our security offerings, Jet Way’s K-9 security services can be customized to meet your specific security needs. Whether you need a strong visual deterrent, special security sweeps for drugs or explosives, or a custom security solution that mixes K-9 patrols with our other security services, the K-9 experts at Jet Way guarantee that you’ll get the support you need.

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