Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

Jet Way’s Security Guards Services provides armed and unarmed personnel for various security and safety assignments both on and off airport premises. In the aviation industry, in which security simply cannot be compromised, Jet Way delivers uncompromising security services that protect key areas, safeguard critical conduits, and defend against dangerous and potentially devastating security breaches.

Access Control Guards

Our professional Access Control Guards ensure all personnel entering secure areas are fully authorized to do so. From confirming identifications by checking identity documents to maintaining personnel entry and exit logs, our Access Control Guards are extensively trained and qualified to monitor entry points in diverse secured environments. In bonded airport warehouses, Jet Way’s Access Control Guards prevent Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) breaches through verifying Port Authority identification cards, thereby protecting sensitive materials and areas against harmful compromise.

Theft Prevention Guards

A highly in-demand service, our Theft Prevention Guards work with airport warehouse workers in cargo areas, assisting workers in the execution of their daily duties. As they work alongside warehouse personnel, our guards are constantly observing all aspects of warehouse operations, watching and listening for instances of theft as well as threats of potential theft. This translates into an extremely cost-effective service for our customers, as guards provide both security and work assistance, effectively delivering two services while helping customers avoid salary and benefit costs inherent in hiring additional full-time personnel. Furthermore, if customers desire a change in Jet Way personnel, it’s as simple as a phone call to our office.

Fire Guards

While many threats originate with people intending to do harm, other potential dangers stem from simple system malfunctions. And among the most serious of these dangers is the threat of fire. At Jet Way, we provide expert Fire Guards who are certified as fire watchguards by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

Stationed around-the clock at various customer locations, our Fire Guards proactively monitor areas, supervising the integrity of fire systems and maintaining job-specific interval logs documenting system functionality and safety. Jet Way’s Fire Guards are fully equipped to deliver fire protection to industries and operations throughout the aviation and business communities, including but not limited to airport terminals and hotels.

Import/Export Checker Guards

The most advanced aviation and transportation security is weak at best unless it encompasses cargo security. At Jet Way, our Import/Export Checker Guards are stationed directly within cargo buildings to deliver hands-on cargo security.

With expertise in materials tracking and transportation, our guards maintain detailed logs of all incoming and outgoing cargo, comparing tracking numbers and checking cargo counts to ensure 100 percent accuracy and consistency between stated and actual cargo and to prevent delivery errors and cargo losses. Photographing and thoroughly documenting imports and exports allows our Import/Export Checker Guards to identify and immediately report any incongruities for investigation, empowering companies to uphold the highest standards of cargo security.

Additional Aviation Guards

Beyond the above specialties, Jet Way provides security officers for airport areas including:

  • Aircraft and Ramp Safety
  • Airline Passenger Terminals
  • Airline Baggage Rooms
  • Airline Cargo Facilities
  • Air Operations Area Vehicle/Foot Escorts
  • Air Cargo Handling Companies
  • Air Cargo Screening
  • Airside Construction Escorts
  • Parking Lot and Ramp Side Patrols
  • Pre-Boarding Document Verification
  • Valuable Cargo Escorts

Additionally, examples of off-airport areas for which security officers are provided include:

  • Construction and Work Sites
  • Corporate and Residential Facilities
  • Educational and Financial Institutions
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Retail Facilities
  • Trucking Companies and Warehouses
  • Valuable Escorts
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